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Guy Begbie Dos a Dos & and interleaved double section pamphlets
Dos-à-Dos Pamphlet Stitched Book, Interleaved Double Section Pamphlet stitched Book With Tabbed Closures & Bookbox

Typical Workshop Content

The workshops are usually designed for participants with or without previous book binding experience. Specialist tools, materials and paperstock are provided and the workshop participants usually will have the opportunity to make and take away completed hand bound books. The specific methods taught to achieve this, combine both traditional and unorthox bookbinding techniques, this includes stitching and pasting, paper folding and engineering processes.

Bespoke workshops can be devised on demand to include the teaching of printmaking and drawing strategies to generate image and text based narrative content to enable the full realisation of book projects from start to finish. The inclusion of printmaking in this type of workshop is dependent on printmaking equipment resources at the workshop venue.

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GBegbie paste bound paper engineered sculptural pamphlet book
Softback Pamphlet Concertina Book


book grouping-1
French Sewn Flatback Casebound Books with other assorted bindings


GB longstitch bindings2
Hardback & Limpbinding Longstitch Books with other assorted bindings


Hardback Concertina Book with Foldout Tableau


Hardback Concertina Sculptural Book


Guy Begbie Sculptural book
Paper Engineered Architectural Book


Additive Monotype & Screenprint Composite  GB 2017



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